Effective 6-15-2020: We will begin Outdoor Dining. Please Call for Reservations! 

Effective 2-5-21: Indoor Dining Hours & Capacity:  The arbitrary 10PM indoor service cut off time has been lifted. We have resumed our regular business hours. Indoor Dining capacity has been increased to 35% occupancy: Total 60 Guests.

Per NJ Guidelines: Updated for 7/2/2020

  • Patrons with a Fever or Other Symptoms of Wuhan Coronavirus/ Novel Coronavirus/Covid-19 will not be permitted entry to the grounds.
  • Customers are recommended to wait in their cars while waiting for a table, for proper social distancing purposes.
  • Customers are required to provide a valid phone number in case of the need for contact tracing
  • Customers are required to wear face coverings when they are away from their table and unable to social distance.
  • Patrons being served at outdoor areas are prohibited from entering the indoor premises of the food/ beverage establishment, except to use the restroom.
  • Indoor Dining capacity will be restricted to 35% occupancy: Total 60 Guests.


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